Euro 2 ECU

ECU - EFI Technology Euro 2
ECU - EFI Technology Euro 2

Euro 2 ECU


EFM13 Euro 2 Engine Control Unit (EFI Technology)

Euro-2 is a modern, high technology and well developed low cost engine management system from EFI Technology. The ECU is using a modern 80 MHz Power PC microprocessor which ensures optimum engine performance at competitive price.

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  • 4 injector drivers
  • 4 ignition drivers
  • 8 digital spare outputs
  • 9 analogue and digital sensor inputs
  • Built-in barometric air pressure sensor
  • Lambda self-mapping using an external controller
  • Variable camshaft timing for inlet and exhaust camshafts
  • Boost control
  • 2 selectable engine maps
  • Flat shift gear strategy 
  • For use on engines with up to 8 cylinders

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