New Generation Euro 8 ECU

ECU - EFI Technology Euro 8 ECU
ECU - EFI Technology Euro 8 ECU

New Generation Euro 8 ECU


Euro 8 is an ECU developed for use in automotive development and racing applications on engines with up to 10 cylinders by EFI Technology.

  • Fuel sequential mode for engines having up to 10 cylinders.

  • Supports smart coils and conventional ignition coils.

  • Knock control.

  • Variable camshaft timing for engines with 4 camshafts.

  • Control strategy for twin drive by wire throttle bodies.

  • Selectable inputs for VR and Hall effect cam and crank shaft sensors.

  • On-board data logging with 128 Mb memory capacity.

  • Control strategies software selectable for many standard engines.

  • High performance guaranteed with all software features available to the user.

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EURO-8 – next generation ECU for use on engines with up to 10 cylinders

  • Traction control strategy
  • Paddle shift gear control
  • Variable camshaft timing controlling up to 4 camshafts
  • Boost control with anti-lag system
  • Boost control waste gate control, DC motor or solenoid
  • Direct injection control strategies (requires external driver module for DI engine, up to 16 injectors)
  • 5 selectable engine maps
  • 2 selectable crankshaft sensor inputs
  • 3 CAN lines
  • Ethernet communication
  • 128 Mb on-board data recording capacity
  • Up to 16 injector drivers
  •  8 selectable ignition drivers, inductive or logic
  • 20 digital spare outputs
  • Selectable inputs for camshaft and crankshaft sensors, Hall effect or VR
  • 36 analogue and digital sensor inputs
  • Inputs for sensors using SENT protocol.
  • 2 half bridges
  • 2 knock sensor inputs
  • 2 inputs for NTK wide band lambda sensors
  • 2 drive-by-wire throttle controllers with blip function for paddle shift
  • Built-in barometric air pressure sensor

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