EFR14 Injector Driver Module

ECU - EFI Technology Stand-alone  Injector Driver Module  EFR14
ECU - EFI Technology Stand-alone  Injector Driver Module  EFR14

EFR14 Injector Driver Module


The EFR14 injector driver controls high pressure injectors found in modern GDI engines.

EFR14 is a unique unit offering control for up to 12 GDI injectors to an excess of 15,000 RPM. 

EFR14 is a stand-alone driver module, fully programmable with peak & hold plus several hold stages.

  • Voltage levels and currents are fully programmable.

  • Can be used with any ECU to control injectors and the fuel pressure control valves found on direct injection engines. 

Our Euro 4, Euro 8 and Euro 12 ECUs all have control strategies for use with DI engines.

EFR14  can be used in a special mode with Euro 8, allowing control of up to 16 injectors in total - 8 x DI and 8 x PFI.
Used in conjuction with Euro 12 it is possible to control up to 24 injectors in total - 12 x DI and 12 x PFI.


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Stand-alone Direct Injection Injector Driver Module

  • 12-channel stand-alone direct injection driver module
  •  Fully programmable current levels and timers for injectors and high pressure pump
  •  Control strategies for both Bosch and Hitachi high pressure pumps
  •  Maximum engine RPM depending on injector calibration but typically 15,000 RPM
  •  6 x spare analogue inputs
  • 2 x CAN lines

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