Euro 12 ECU

ECU - EFI Technology Euro 12 ECU
ECU - EFI Technology Euro 12 ECU

Euro 12 ECU


Euro 12 is an ECU developed for use in automotive development and racing applications on engines with up to 16 cylinders by EFI Technology.

  • Fuel sequential mode for engines having up to 16 cylinders.

  • Supports smart coils and conventional ignition coils.

  • Knock control.

  • Variable camshaft timing for engines with 4 camshafts.

  • Control strategy for twin drive by wire throttle bodies.

  • Selectable inputs for VR and Hall effect cam and crank shaft sensors.

  • On-board data logging with 128 Mb memory capacity.

  • Control strategies software selectable for many standard engines.

  • High performance guaranteed with all software features available to the user.


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EURO-12 – next generation ECU for use on engines having up to 16 cylinders

  • Traction control
  • Paddle shift gear control
  • Variable camshaft timing controlling up to 4 camshafts
  • Boost control with anti-lag system
  • Boost control waste gate control, DC motor or solenoid
  • Direct injection control strategies (requires external driver module for DI engine, up to 24 injectors)
  • 5 selectable engine maps
  • 2 selectable crankshaft sensor inputs
  • 3 CAN lines
  • Ethernet communication
  • 128 Mb on-board data recording capacity


  • Up to 16 injector drivers
  • 12 ignition drivers for logic coils
  • 12 ignition drivers for inductive coils
  • 20 digital spare outputs
  • 60 analogue and digital sensor inputs
  • Inputs for both Hall effect and VR type camshaft and crankshaft sensors
  • Built-in barometric air pressure sensor
  • 2 half bridges
  • 4 knock sensor inputs
  • 2 NTK wide band lambda control
  • 2 drive-by-wire throttle controllers with blip function for paddle shift

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