Racing Heritage Services

After 25 years of motorsport electronics supply there have been many changes and developments, however it's important to remember and preserve the heritage of the past. Historic Motorsport is currently more popular than ever and vehicles that OBR supplied and supported in a contemporary era are now edging closer and closer to this booming market, many already eligible again for historic events & race categories around the globe.




OBR can offer customer access to vital ECU software & calibrations, ECU servicing, Wiring & Pin-out information and even spare sensors and service parts for many of these now historic vehicles to keep them running to absolute original specification.

BTCC 2006.jpg

BTCC 2001-2006

After the demise of the Super-Touring Car Era where manufacturer budgets ran away causing enviable downfall of the rules, the ToCA organisation introcduced BTC regulations for the Championship.

OBR & EFI Technology were the suppliers chosen to supply looms, engine management and track support to the series during this period.

OBR still has an extensive archive of technical information from this era, including ECU software, engine calibrations, wiring & pin-out information.

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ECU Service

EFI Technology Euro 6, ToCA 6 and Euro12 ECUs all feature internal back-up batteries which have a life span of around 5-6 years from manufacture. This battery is vital for any data the ECU learns including the throttle position min/max settings.

Once a battery goes down it is likely to cause very poor engine performance and general running of the car.

Contact OBR via e-mail or phone for ECU service: / +44 (0) 1425 478 822.