PCM2 _LITE thrusts the concept of intelligent power management to new pinnacles. It provides a freely programmable, open and unique system upon which to build a total control in state of the art racing cars.

PCM-LITE is the most technologically advanced, powerful and flexible low cost power box currently on the marked. It acts as a complete electronic central nervous system – it does a lot more than just switching outputs on and off.

PCM LITE has high current handling and measuring abilities spread across its 34 individual power output channels, each of which can be controlled by any number and type of inputs or event triggers. All power outputs have self-recovery features suitable for use with motors, resistive and inductive loads.

All PCM LITE outputs can be assigned to PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) at rates up to 300 Hz. In addition, it features 4 dedicated PWM channels (true half bridge drivers) to handle signals up to 25 kHz.

PCM LITE effortless exchanges data with other modules in the car via its 2 individually configurable CAN ports. All PCM versions can import up to 64 CAN channels and export up to 64 CAN data channels. CAN channels can be configured individually, using bits, bytes or words, word formats, baud rates and can therefore be exchanged with any other CAN based module found on the market.

Furthermore, PCM LITE has 8 universal digital inputs, these can be set to trigger on either rising or falling edge signals plus detection of open circuit. They can be used as simple switch inputs but also as inputs for frequency inputs.

The 8 high quality analogue 0..5 Volt sensor inputs have a pull-up to 5 Volt reference voltage through a 47 kOhm resistor. This way PCM LITE can act as an analogue to CAN expansion module.

PCM LITE – a sophisticated solution as the central nerve system in the vehicle.

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  • 34 high side outputs, distributed as:
    20 x low power outputs
    4 x low power PWM outputs (half bridges)
    8 x high power outputs
    2 x wiper outputs
  • 8 x precision analogue sensor 0..5V inputs
  • 8 x universal digital switch and frequency inputs
  • 2 x CAN ports with up to 64 input and 64 export channels
  • Software selected CAN termination
  • RS232 communication port
  • USB port
  • 2 x automotive connectors with gold plated contacts
  • User defined control logic

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